Portable Life

Routines for Portable Classrooms

Primary Students

The whole class enters the school 5 minutes before each break to use the washroom

Students who need to use the washroom alternatively will go in pairs

Students are encouraged to use the washroom when the class enters the school for Gym or to visit the library

Students are encouraged to bring water bottles in the classroom

Junior Students

Students are encouraged to use the washroom when the class enters the school for Gym or to visit the library

Students are encouraged to bring water bottles in the classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are primary classes in the portable?

Decisions are made in the best interest of the entire school. There are many schools in Halton who have primary students in portables. Primary teachers will have consistent routines developed and then in place with students to ensure students are safe and supervised.

Are the temperatures different in the portable than in the school?

Portables have heat in the winter and are air conditioned in the warmer months. As we often do in classrooms within the school, teachers may use fans if rooms seem a little warmer.

My child reacts to cold weather (asthma, allergies). How will you accommodate this, given he is in the portable?

Each child with allergies or medical conditions that require planning on the school end will have a Plan of Care. This is a form, accompanied with a meeting with school admin, that will plan for the care of your child so that staff can be proactive in the learning environment, recognizing signs and symptoms and the plan for response if there are any issues. This is done cooperatively with families.

Note: Doctor’s notes only provide school staff with information so that, as a staff, we can accommodate needs within the school.

What does my child do if it’s raining and they have to go to the washroom?

Each portable is provided with umbrellas.

From the Kids

Benefits of Being in the Portable

From Primary Classes

  • We are first out at recess

  • Big windows to see the playground

  • Air conditioning

  • Our own mini school to ourselves!

  • Everything is in the classroom- we don't have to go to lockers

  • First out for fire drills

  • No crowds in the morning to get to the classroom

  • No stairs to get outside!

  • Don't have to go through so many doors in the school

From Junior Classes

  • We are the first class to get out for recess

  • All your stuff is right in the portable and you don't have to go out into the hallway

  • It's like having our own island/territory

  • When the fire alarm goes off it won't be as long because there is only one not a whole school full

  • You get extra time outside

  • Quiet, we don't hear people in the hallway

  • There is only one room for the AC to go

  • It's private and bright

  • You don't heat stomping and yelling from the other class beside

  • We can be as loud as we want (with the teachers permission)

  • When we go to the washroom in the summer we can smell the fresh air

  • You don't have big rush of people when you are going inside or outside

  • You get more breeze into the classroom because of all the windows

  • Quicker to get to the hill if there is a fire alarm

  • It's easier to get in and out from recess

  • We have cool furniture like whiteboard tables and high top tables

  • No crowd to get into the class. It’s like a mini-school

  • Easier to find for new students

  • Perfect temperature

  • Faster to get outside

  • No need to go a long way to a locker

  • You can dump old water out the door

  • Four solid walls - Quieter

  • It’s our own little world

  • Getting exercise to go to the washroom

  • Something different to experience

  • Wifi is good