Technology at PC


Please refer to "Post's Corners Technology Enabled Learning and BRING I.T" letter and tear off form sent home and also available in Parent Resources.

We are encouraging technology and personal devices in the classroom for instruction and learning, in adherence with classroom norms and consistent practices within our school community. We would like to minimize use of personal devices for social communication and gaming at school, in efforts to improve positive interactions, safety and well being at Post's Corners.

We are asking that, during instructional time, unless teachers/students have planned for personal devices to be used instructionally, phones and devices for personal use be kept in lockers or at home. Our first Nutrition Break be "technology-free", where we encourage literal Face Time. At this time, we will offer our second Nutrition Break for students to use devices, in accordance with Classroom Norms and appropriate use guidelines.

We realize this applies mostly to our Junior and Intermediate Students. However, some of our Primary students do bring electronic games and/or tablets. Again, use will be reflective of classroom norms during our second Nutrition Break.

We will review our practices as a school mid-year, reflective of the overall health and well being of our classrooms and school community.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship encompasses a broad range of knowledge, skills and attitudes among students, staff, administration and parents/guardians about Internet usage.​

Numerous resources are available to all schools to support digital citizenship including the Board's Acceptable Use Procedures for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use in schools. (See Parent Resources)

A Digital Citizen is one who:

  • implements precautions for online security (e.g., passwords, settings)
  • protects the privacy of self and others
  • uses devices with attention to physical and mental health​
  • develops a positive reputation and digital footprint
  • contributes positively to the local and global communities​
  • evaluates and reflects critically on information/resources/sites and respects intellectual property of others​​

What is a Technology Enabled Classroom?

HDSB encourages students and staff members to bring their personally-owned information technology devices to school. Halton District School Board’s expanded wireless network provides an opportunity for personal laptops, phones, tablets, handheld devices, eReaders, and more to be effectively and appropriately used in classrooms and school to support learning.

Using personally-owned technology in classrooms will:

  • Improve achievement and learning in all programs based on respected International Society for Technology in Education standards
  • Increase creativity and innovation through exploration, the assembling and expressing of ideas, the use of multimedia, etc.
  • Improve communication and collaboration, research and Information Fluency
  • Address critical thinking, problem solving, decision making skills
  • Increase digital citizenship through learning the responsible, effective, safe, respectful use of technology
  • Provide a broad range of student opportunities for differentiation and student engagement
  • All students will benefit from greater access to technology as demand for board-provided technology eases

Technology Enabled Classrooms

  • Teachers in classrooms will establish criteria and expectations to facilitate the effective, safe and respectful use of technology.
  • The use of electronic devices will be self-regulated by students at the discretion of each teacher during class time or any time of the day. Students assume all responsibility for the security of their own devices and are expected to secure them during break times. The Board is not responsible for the loss, damage or theft of any personal equipment brought to school.
  • The use of student-owned technology is optional and not required. All students will continue to have access to computer labs as well as other technology in the school. Students will be encouraged to share devices while conducting research and projects in small groups.
  • Students will have access to the Board’s wireless network and be able to print and save from their Halton Cloud account.