COVID 19 Safety Measures

PCPS Return to School Norms

Beginning February 8, 2021

Before School and After School

  • Students arrive at school, masked, and proceed directly to their line (grade 1-6)

  • Lines are monitored by staff to ensure no congregating is happening

  • Students should NOT arrive to school more than 10 minutes before the entry bell.

  • After school, all students are to proceed directly home; congregating or playing on our blacktop or creative playground after school hours will NOT be permitted

The Parking Lot

Please avoid carpooling.

Pull up to the staff on duty by the blacktop entrance.

The Blacktop

All students from Gr. 1-8 are to stand on the dots,

with their mask ON.

Nutrition and Lunch Breaks

  • Students access their snacks and lunches to eat inside their classrooms

  • When students are not eating they must be masked

  • Masks will be worn by students at all times - including outside

  • Mask breaks are facilitated by teachers during instructional time

  • Sports equipment can be used by students as long as they maintain a physical distance of 2 metres; equipment is distributed to each cohort


In Snow

In Rain

In Slush

And Sun

In the Classroom

  • Students are to sanitize, mask and follow rules for social distancing

  • Students must respect peers and the educator in the room with regard to our protocols

  • Educators will be wearing a mask and shield at all times; a defined Educator Zone will be in place with no access to students

  • Students are not to move about the room, rather remain in their seat and/or desk area

  • Students can leave the class with permission to use the washroom or refill their water bottle

In the Hallways

Fill water containers only.

Follow Directional Arrows

Maintain a Distance of at least 2m

Limited students in the washroom

PPE for Students and Staff

  • Please send at least 3 masks with your child(ren) per day

  • Masks need to be rotated often as condensation will build up during outside times

  • Staff will be both masked and shielded at all times when interacting with students

  • Washing and sanitizing hands will remain an important part of our daily routines

Be Well. Stay Safe.